Exploring what I do & why I do it from an intellectual perspective has paid sizable dividends in my life. One of my main takeaways from that effort is that writing down what works is even more useful than reading about it.

I can categorize how effective any given behavior has been for me into three groups; Behaviors that I know to work, behaviors that I know not to work, and things where I’m uncertain whether they work or not. I can then adjust my behavior based on that knowledge.

This is an obvious but useful concept to apply. Not everyone who makes mistakes learns from them – and those who do, learn to different degrees.

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The Journey Forward

I’m deeply unsatisfied with the life I lead. Some people might find this strange.

I’ve got a girlfriend whom I love, and who loves me back. My income puts me in the top 1% for my age. I live in one of the most vibrant & fun cities in the world.

I’ve attained many of the markers of success that society agrees upon as valid. So why am I not happy?

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