Content Websites Aren’t Dead?

My friend Paul Lemley & his Digital Authority Group‘s “Legion Media I” portfolio placed a contrarian bet on niche content websites about a year and a half ago, raising hundreds of thousands in investor capital to do so.

I took the opposite bet by following the herd & quietly throwing in the towel on my content website efforts. I still have one site doing 15k/sessions/mo, but I haven’t worked on it in nearly a year. I’ve written about my doubts here already.

The idea that the niche content website model was dying was widely accepted a year ago, at least in my circles.

I now think that he was right to ignore the concerns people have been raising, and that I was wrong. Why? One word: results – both from him, and my own.

This post is about what I’ve learned & what I plan to do with that information.

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