Two Miracles

Full In Partners is a software growth equity & buyout firm in Midtown Manhattan. They’re also my employer of almost a year.

Starting work here in May 2022 has been two miracles for the price of one.

The First Miracle is that I got hired. I don’t have a college degree or any background in finance besides a general interest.

I’m smart, & a gifted programmer to boot, but my resume was ehh at best, and I frankly didn’t expect to hear back from a high-flying NYC finance firm.

11.5 months in, I’m thriving here, but getting in the door at a company like this was anything but guaranteed.

The Second Miracle is that I found my calling in life here. Before starting here, I was in desperate need of something to focus my energies on.

Even after I’d learned to program, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with my time & talents. Treading water with poorly-paid contract gigs clearly wasn’t it.

Here, I found work that I’m passionate about. Skills that I want to be great at. A team that I respect & admire.

Organizing capital & finding opportunities to deploy it in service of technological advancement & investor returns is the business I plan to be in for the next 40+ years. I’m going to become incredible at it.

Through this blog, I’ll be sharing future learnings, triumphs, and perhaps even opportunities related to my work in technology investing. I’d love to have you on my mailing list. Sign up below.

Author: Fritz Johnson

Fritz Johnson is a self-taught software engineer working on Wall Street.

2 thoughts on “Two Miracles”

  1. I think it’s cool you know what you want to work at long term! I have a good job as a software developer but I wouldn’t say I’m super passionate about the particular software I write.

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